This glossary is a collection 的电力 terms related to our industry and the work that we do.

安培(A) 是测量电流的单位吗. 典型的家庭有一个100或200安培的电力服务.

加拿大电力协会, founded in 1891, is the national association of the Canadian electricity industry. 的 CEA encourages innovations and improvement in Canadian electricity services through programming and information distribution. 其重点领域包括经济领域, 环境, 以及加拿大电力行业的社会问题. CEA的成员确保了可靠的一代, 传输, 以及电力在全国范围内的分配.

A 当前的 是电荷的流动吗. It can be compared to the rate of flow of water in a pipe; just as water moves through a pipe, 电子更多地通过导体. 当前的 通常用安培(或安培)来测量.

A 客户布局 是否根据客户要求完成. 当客户开始一个涉及电气工作的项目时, a 真人百家家乐APP下载 service technician will provide the customer with details on the electrical work that will need to be completed as well as how much the work will cost. 真人百家家乐APP下载免费完成客户布局.

电气安全局(ESA) 安大略的省级机构是否负责电气安全. 欧空局管理某些电气法规, such as the Ontario Electrical 安全 Code and the regulation that applies to 真人百家家乐APP下载’s infrastructure. It is also responsible for public electrical safety and sets the safety standards for wiring installations, 设备电器遍布全省.

电力分销商协会(EDA) provides Ontario's local electricity distributor companies (LDCs) with advocacy and representation in the legislative and regulatory environment and the electricity market in Ontario.

接地 is the process of mechanically connecting isolated wires and equipment to the earth to ensure the wires and equipment remain at the same 潜在的 (相同 电压)如地球(地面). A grounding wire provides an electrical current with the shortest path to the ground. 这将确保, 如果电路故障, the current passes through the grounding wire to get to the earth rather than through a person.

水电一 水电一网络公司.) operates the 传输 systems in Ontario and provides generation and electrical distribution to most of Ontario’s rural customers. 水电一公司由安大略省全资拥有.

隔离的服务 is a safety measure that involves the temporary disconnection of an electrical service, 由真人百家家乐APP下载, when a customer (or a customer’s hired contractor) will be performing work near our electrical equipment. 服务的隔离也可以称为断开/重新连接.

千瓦时 (kWh)是我们使用的单位 测量你消耗的电量. 一千瓦等于一千瓦. 使用一千瓦的电力一小时等于一 千瓦时. 一个100瓦的灯泡打开10小时就需要一个 千瓦时 的电力.

A Meter 是否有记录耗电量的电子装置. Smart meters transmit readings automatically to a collector that communicates with a central system.

A 计基础 是安装有智能电表的灰色盒子吗. 的 sizes and types of meter bases vary depending on the size and form (overhead or underground) of electrical installations. 仪表底座的安装和维护由用户负责.

Non-electrical维护 包括树修剪, 绘画, 替换支持, and other kinds of maintenance that do not require work to be performed on the electrical system, but that may pose electrical safety hazards and therefore require a service isolation.

欧姆(Ω) 测量的是对电流流动的阻力吗.

安大略省电力金融公司(OEFC)  manages the debt of the former Ontario Hydro and determines how electricity consumers will pay down this stranded debt. It is also responsible for managing existing power purchase agreements with non-utility generators in the electricity market, 以及管理其他资产, 负债, rights and obligations that were not transferred to another of the Ontario Hydro successor corporations.

安大略省能源委员会(OEB) 是安大略省电力和天然气部门的监管机构. 它向包括真人百家家乐APP下载在内的所有市场参与者发放了许可证. 的 OEB is responsible for establishing a regulated rate plan for low-volume and designated electricity consumers, as well as for the implementation of energy policy in Ontario as directed by the Ontario Ministry of Energy.

安大略省发电公司(OPG) is an Ontario-based electricity generation company whose principal business is the generation and sale 的电力 in Ontario. Its focuses are the efficient production and sale 的电力 from its generation assets, 维护一个安全的, 开放和环保的运作.

架空电线 是否有不同电压的地线提供给我们的客户.

Padmounted变形金刚 are ground mounted transformers that reduce – or “step down” – 电压s to the lower level that end users will need. 拼装变压器大小不一,通常是绿色和方形的形状.

的附件 电线是在外面连接到建筑物上的吗. 它像一个线轴.

的界定 is the point on the service where 真人百家家乐APP下载’s responsibility for equipment ends and the Customer’s responsibility begins. 的 point of demarcation will vary depending on the type (residential or commercial) of the service.

杆安装变压器 安装在主线路附近的配线杆上. 它们降低或降低终端用户所需的较低水平的电压. 安装在电杆上的变压器大小不一,呈圆柱形.

电阻 是防止物质中电流的流动吗. 不同的材料有不同的 电阻 和电流有关. 非常高的 电阻 材料称为绝缘体,而低 电阻 材料被称为导体. 电阻 is similar to the effect of friction on the flow of water in a pipe; water flows more freely in a large pipe just as the current flows more freely in a conductor, while less water flows in a small pipe just as the current is weaker in an insulator. 电阻 单位为欧姆(Ω).

服务下降 is the overhead line that carries electricity from a distribution pole to a building. 服务下降是安装和维护的渥太华Hydro.

A 竖管 is a PVC or metal pipe that is attached to a building and houses the electrical wires running into a meter base.  竖管的安装和维护由客户负责. 竖管也可称为服务桅杆.

A 三层线 is three intertwined insulated wires that  runs from a distribution pole to the building. 三线电线通常是单相的,由铝制成. 他们为一栋大楼供电.

地下定位 provide customers with information about where there are underground wires on their property. 的y are a necessary step to any construction or renovation project that involves excavation. . To request an underground locate, please contact Ontario One Call at 1- or online at ontarioonecall.ca/.

地下的电线 在电压范围内,通常包含在PVC管或管道结构中. 他们为我们的客户提供电力.

An 升级 – or service upgrade – can involve increasing the amperage of the electrical panel in a home  from a 100 to a 200 amp service, 加米, 把计价器移到外面, 或更新家里的电气设备,以满足当前的电气规范.

电压 区别在于 电势 在电路的两点之间. It is the force that causes the flow 的电力, and it is measured in volts (V). 电压 can be compared to water pressure; just as increasing the water pressure in a pipe causes more water to flow, increasing the 电压 in an electrical circuit causes more electricity to flow through the conductor.

瓦特 单位是用来衡量一个设备消耗多少电的吗. 瓦特s are the rate at which  a certain number of amperes pushed by a certain number of volts, 可以用伏特乘以安培来计算(瓦特=伏特x安培). 大多数电器在标签上都标明 美国瓦茨 和他们使用的安培数.