真人百家家乐APP下载 recognizes that the electricity we deliver is an important service and we take our responsibility to provide safe, 为客户提供可靠的服务非常认真.

Despite the degree of sophistication of our electricity distribution system, there remain many circumstances beyond our control that give rise to unexpected power interruptions and voltage variations. 真人百家家乐APP下载 does not guarantee a constant power supply or provide assurance that voltages and frequency will be unvaried.

Many power outages are due to severe weather, wildlife, and accidents. 渥太华水电不对这些原因造成的损害负责.


如果你有汽车或财产保险, you may wish to consider contacting your insurance agent or broker to find out if your policy covers the damage incurred.

造成损坏的索赔 以下所列事件通常不符合赔偿条件. 请参阅 安大略能源委员会分配系统代码 and 真人百家家乐APP下载的服务条件 为更多的细节.

  • 恶劣天气,如结冰、闪电、大风、洪水、暴风雨
  • 倒下的树/分支机构.
  • 动物与设备的接触(i.e. 松鼠、鸟类).
  • 涉及电线杆的机动车事故.
  • 意想不到的设备故障.
  • 电压的变化.




真人百家家乐APP下载 will independently review your claim based on 真人百家家乐APP下载’s 条件的服务,其中声明:

真人百家家乐APP下载 does not guarantee a constant power supply or give assurance that voltages and frequency will be unvaried. Furthermore, 真人百家家乐APP下载 shall not be liable for damages to the Customer’s or Consumer’s equipment by reason of any failure in respect thereof.

真人百家家乐APP下载 不负责的 任何利润或收入的损失, 业务中断的损失, 合同损失或商誉损失, 或者任何间接的, 重要的, 意外或特殊损害, 包括但不限于惩罚性或惩戒性损害赔偿.


  • Severe weather, flood, fire, lightning, or other forces of nature
  • 动物接触(我.e. 松鼠、鸟类)
  • 未预见或意外的设备故障
  • 其他个人或团体损坏我们的设备
  • 涉及电线杆的机动车事故或者其他事故

审查个人索赔通常需要60天. Once we receive your Damages Claim Form and supporting information / documentation, we begin an investigation to determine the cause of the incident. As every claim is unique, the time to investigate a particular claim can vary.

一旦我们的调查结束, 真人百家家乐APP下载 formalizes the claim on your behalf and forwards a copy of your claim along with a copy of our investigation report to the General Liability Claims Administration Unit at MEARIE.

MEARIE specializes in handling claims for electricity distribution companies such as 真人百家家乐APP下载. A MEARIE adjuster will review your claim and contact you directly if clarification or further information is required. You will receive written correspondence advising you as to the outcome of your claim directly from the MEARIE group.

Each claim receives full consideration and is evaluated on an individual basis. Settlements are based solely on the basis of the presence or absence of legal liability.

虽然每个索赔和保单都是不同的, we recommend contacting your insurance agent or broker to find out if you are covered for the damage. 

There may be benefits to submitting a claim through your personal insurance: 

  • 真人百家家乐APP下载 is only liable to compensate you for the actual cash value (depreciated value) of your loss whereas your insurance policy may provide you with compensation to replace damaged items with new items.
  • 如果你通过保险公司提出索赔, they may elect to submit a damage claim against 真人百家家乐APP下载 on your behalf to recover some of the funds that they covered. If your insurance company’s claim against 真人百家家乐APP下载 is successful, 他们可能会报销你的免赔额.

Do not throw away any damaged items until a decision has been made on your claim.

Although we understand that some equipment may require immediate repair or replacement, it is important for you to understand that if you must proceed with the repair or replacement prior to the adjuster’s determination, 你这样做的风险由你自己承担. Whether these costs are covered depends on the decision of the adjuster.

No. 根据我们与MEARIE协议的条款, the adjuster must make any and all determinations related to your claim. 我们无法通知你方索赔的预期结果.

真人百家家乐APP下载 acknowledges receipt of all 损害赔偿索偿表s. 真人百家家乐APP下载将在此时提供给您.

Once your claim has been forwarded to the adjuster, all inquiries must be addressed to MEARIE.



Protect your property from power surges with these simple tips:





Avoid overloading electrical outlets, especially in older homes. 只有一个主要的电器应该插入一个插座.


Plug sensitive or valuable electronics such as HDTVs and computers into a surge protector. Not all surge protectors are created equal – be sure to choose the right level of protection for your needs.

You may wish to consider ‘whole home’ surge protectors that can be installed on your panel.


Even turned off, electronics are still vulnerable to power surges if they're plugged in. 拔掉电源可以提供最好的保护.


Portable generators can provide security and comfort during power outages. However, they can create electrical shock and fire hazards if connected or used incorrectly. 遵循这些提示,以确保你正在安全地使用发电机:

  • Never use a generator indoors because they produce fatal carbon monoxide fumes; set them up outside away from windows, 通往你或邻居房子的门或通风口;
  • If you’re buying a generator, make sure it has a mark from an approved certification agency. 可以在上面找到痕迹 欧洲航天局的网站;
  • Don’t attach a portable generator directly to your home’s electricity system. It could cause electricity to flow back into the electricity grid and electrocute you or a utility worker, 或破坏系统;
  • If you want to permanently connect your generator to your home’s system this requires an electrical permit. The generator should be connected by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.


Complete this form as soon as possible if you feel your damages are a result of 真人百家家乐APP下载's negligence.





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